Grass by Moonlight

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"Grass by Moonlight" is a painting from Meenunyaaka and is a depiction of the community camp in the grassy fields. The grass was laid down and used as padding to sleep on. Imagine the smell of fresh cut grass as you lay down to sleep... and the sway of the field in the summer breeze and the twinkle of the moonlight as it reflects off each blade. Let grandmother moon restore you by night and the grass provide you comfort as the stars and ancestors bring sweet dreams.

Signed Prints: 150
Medium: Fine Art Paper on 188 GSM
Image Size: 9" x 12"
Finished Size: 11" x 14"

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Boozhoo, Annin Keesis Sagay Egette Kwe nindiznikaz. Anishinaabek Saulteuax bimaawidassi indowe. Moozwaanoew dodem niinda’awa. Pine Creek, Duck Bay n’doonjibaa.

My name is Dr. Jennifer Leason and my Anishinaabek name translates to First Shining Rays of Sunlight Woman. I am a member of the Pine Creek Indian Band and the mother of two amazing children- Lucas and Lucy.

My art represents my own healing and connection to my mother, grandparents and the ancestors who continue to guide our journeys. Che miigwetch Kiche Manidou. Che miigwetch nemiin wendam oma ayayenne!

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